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Bambukat Punjabi Movie Watch Online

Bambukat Punjabi Movie Watch Online

Bambukat Watch Online Full Movie

Bambukat Watch Online Full Movie

Bambukat in the film has been referred to the motor cycle. Bambukat is the story of 2 sisters: Pakko (Simi Chahal) and Simmi (Sheetal Thakur) and their husbands: Chanan Singh (Ammy Virk) and Resham Singh (Binnu Dhillon). Chanan is from a humble family of farmers and is in the awe of ‘Bambukat’ of his brother-in-law Resham Singh. He also wants to own one for himself because he feels that in order to gain the respect in the eyes of his in-laws just like his BIL, he also needs to own a Bambukat. So one day, he buys a Bambukat which he doesn’t know that is stolen from Nabha. Chanan is arrested and what follows next is the rest of the story, for which you will have to watch the film in cinemas.

Review: Director Pankaj Batra sees his 3rd film being released in a span of around 300 days beginning with Dildariyaan in September 2015, followed by Channo earlier this year in February and now Bambukat. Bambukat as a film engages the audience right from initial stages and carries that momentum with itself for the next 119 minutes. Pankaj Batra takes the audience back in the era of 1950s when a owning a motorcycle commanded a great amount of respect from the entire village.

Writer Jass Grewal famous for Jatt James Bond has written the story and screenplay for this film. The story is pretty simple and straight forward and it is the screenplay which adds the adequate amount of fuel to run this Bambukat to glory. The screenplay is written in such a manner that it tells a good entertaining story, cleverly fits in 4-5 songs (2 in the background) and yet there isn’t a sign of boredom for the viewer. Cheers to Jass Grewal for doing a great job here with the screenplay. Comparisons will be made with last year’s sleeper hit Angrej and they should be made as well. Both the films are set in somewhat a similar era and yet 2 tales very different from each other.

Dialogues have been written by Jatinder Lall and Jass Grewal. Both of them have done a great job. Today’s youth which comprises of a major share of the audiences may not be familiar with each and every word spoken in the film but still they will enjoy it’s each and every word. Also they may get to learn a few new words in Punjabi language and get to know a little more of our culture in yesteryears.

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Coming to Direction, this is by far Pankaj Batra’s finest work. Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo and Channo Kamli Yaar Di had their fair share of moments but this one exceeds both of them. He has kept things simple and smooth in the film. While the first half of the film shows promise and sets up the pace of the film, the second half of the film backs up the momentum created in the first half. Though the film takes many creative liberties in terms of the properties being used and some moments in the film don’t seem justified, it doesn’t fail to entertain.

Bambukat Watch Online Full Movie

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Duration: 118 min

IMDb: 7.4