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Chaar Sahibzaade Full Movie Free

Chaar Sahibzaade Full Movie Free

The film starts with invasions of India by Mughal and Turkish kings.Guru Tegh Bahadur (9th Guru of sikhs) sacrificed his life for the human rights and freedom of religion of Kashmiri pandits. Then, Guru Gobind Singh founded the Khalsa to counter the invading forces with martyrdom as the fundamental principle.The film depicts the First Battle of Anandpur in which Mughal General Painde khan was killed by Guru Gobind Singh.The film also depicts the Battle of Chamkaur which took place in December, 1704 CE in which 42 sikhs (under Guru Gobind singh) fought bravely against 10 lakh mughal forces (under wazir Khan). In the battle of chamkaur,both the elder sons of Guru Gobind Singh Sahibzada Ajit Singh 18 years old and Sahibzada Jujhar Singh 14 years old were martyred.The mughals were in large number but still they failed to capture Guru Gobind Singh and hence Sikhs defeated Mughals. The Younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Sahibzada Zorawar Singh who was 9 years old and Sahibzada Fateh Singh who was 7 years old were taken to Wazir Khan’s place and were bricked up alive more info on wiki Amrinder Gill sung “Mitar Pyaare Nu”,[9][10] while Jaspinder Narula and Shipra Goyal sung the song “Veyla aa gaya hai”.[4][9] Other tracks from the film are the title track “Chaar Sahibzaade”, “Satguru Nanak Pargateya” and “Sochte Hue Guru”.[9] Harry Bajwa, Jaidev Kumar, Amar Mohile and Anand Raj Anand served as music directors. The songs were written by Harry Bajwa and Masroor.

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IMDb: 9.0