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Dilwale 2015 Watch Online Movie Full

Dilwale 2015 Watch Online Movie Full

Dilwale 2015 Watch Online Movie Full

The brother and sister of two competing rivalries meet again after a 15-year separation.

Dilwale 2015 Watch Online Movie Full

This time around Shah Rukh shares space with Varun Dhawan who, in turn has a romantic track with Kriti Sanon, and a bumbling best friend track with Varun Sharma: SRK’s track with old flame Kajol, which is meant to be the film’s mainstay, keeps coming and going. And the other bit parts come and go, too, pretty much on a whim. It’s almost as if someone says, now let’s bung in a comic track, and out tumble Johnny Lever as a car thief, and Sanjay Misra as a pony-tailed receiver of stolen cars, and Boman Irani as a pink-jacketed mobster with a love of vintage cars.

<h2>Dilwale 2015 Watch Online Movie Full</h2>

Yes, cars do play a big part here, as they do in most Shetty films. And yes, a couple blow up most satisfactorily. But ‘Dilwale’, on the whole, is a plotless drag : the slaphappy antics you see on screen are a random jumble of light, camera, action, done in the broadest sense. In this rigmarole, SRK is the only thing worth watching when he switches on the wattage ( Kajol can shine, too, when she chooses to), but his twin parts—a ‘car modifier’ named Raj, and a gangster called Kali (yes, that’s right), are both familiar and bland. When old hands SRK and Kajol look into each other’s eyes, they can still make you feel it, except it doesn’t happen enough. Not by a long shot.

 Dilwale 2015 Watch Online Movie Full

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