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Gabbar is Back 2015 Full Movie Online

Gabbar is Back 2015 Full Movie Online

GABBAR IS BACK is an official remake of the southern hit RAMANAA. It has the South Indian stamp of filmmaking written all over it. Ear-splitting-background-score, over-the-top action and humour emanating from strange food references like samosa-and-laal-chatni. One can also draw references with the recently released UNGLI which appointed a somewhat similar modus operandi for tackling corruption. GABBAR IS BACK’s director Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi aka ‘Krish’ needs to be applauded for making a topical film at a time when the country is being swept by the corruption wave. Despite the fact that the film is a remake of the hit Tamil film RAMANAA, Krish makes all the possible efforts to give GABBAR IS BACK a feel that will surely touch everyone’s heart alike. Despite this being his debut film, his story telling through his direction is praiseworthy! He does reasonable justice to the film’s story (A. R. Murugadoss) and vice versa.

As far as the performances are concerned, no prizes for guessing that the captain of the ship is none other than Akshay Kumar, the man who mouths the eternal dialogue ‘Naam villain ka, kaam hero ka’. He is having a role befitting larger than life persona suiting a typical Bollywood Hero. He is earnest and it is clear that he believes in the actions of the protagonist. It is a departure from the comedies that Kumar has been associated with but it is no patch on the intelligent roles he has portrayed in SPECIAL 26 and BABY. Shruti Haasan, on her part, has this silly obsession with ‘Google’ facts that stops being funny after a point of time and lands up being irritating. At the same time, one cannot deny the fact that even though she has a small role, she looks beautiful. Sunil Grover is impressive. After being caught up in the garb of ‘Gutthi’ since a long time, he successfully creates an impact as an actor in this film. One just hopes that this film opens the proverbial door for this talented guy. Suman Talwar in the villainous role is too loud. The rest of the characters help in moving the film forward.

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