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It’s Rocking Dard-E-Disco(2014) Hindi

It’s Rocking Dard-E-Disco(2014) Hindi

During a visit to his doctor, DK sings a new song he has written. He is overheard by a newborn (Rocky)in the next room – destined to live his life for Disco. Rambo and Rocky Singh, (crazy, spoiled brothers), wish to open their own disco and spend every night partying. They are excited to visit the new DK discotheque “Dard-E-Disco”, and thrilled to meet the famous Disco King. Meanwhile, Powder Bhai wants to infiltrate the new club with his product – drugs – the one thing DK does not allow. He sees Rocky and Rambo’s closeness to DK as a way in, which eventually splits the close brothers apart.

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Duration: 93 min

IMDb: 4.7