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Joru (2014) Watch Online Telugu Full Movie

Joru (2014) Watch Online Telugu Full Movie

Few things that you’ve done are so bad that you should kill yourself – even watching Kites. Unfortunately, there is a certain section of youngsters who, on being rejected in love, want to give up their lives, and Joru is a movie with a message for them.

The movie opens in Vizag, with the son of a fisherman (L B Sriram) jumping off a cliff thanks to having failed in love. L B Sriram then adopts Kittu, an orphan, and tries to bring him up well. Sadly, Kittu (Aravind Kumar) turns out to be an illiterate (though he’s being sent to college) boor, drunkard, glutton and loafer.

One day Kittu is fooling around, when the latest entrant to his college, the well-to-do and pretty Suma (Aakarsha), randomly comes up to him and tells him that she loves him. There’s an explanation for this – she was in the the midst of being ragged. Sadly, neither does Kittu know the real thing nor does his IQ cooperate with this scene, so he promptly falls in love with her and thinks she loves him too.

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Duration: 102 min