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Love Games Watch Online Full Movie

Love Games Watch Online Full Movie

Love Games Watch Online Full Movie

Love Games Watch Online Full Movie

The five things you can learn from ‘Love Games’, Vikram Bhatt’s new film, are as follows:

Bollywood flicks are now all grown up and all, featuring femme fatales and f*** buddies, and threesomes. Wow.

Bolly Love is no longer pure. It is all about playing the game. Said femme fatale (Patralekha), hereinafter called FF, to seen sucking lots of lip with f*** buddy (Gaurav Arora) whom we will call FB, are stalkers. Said game is all about toting new victims into the sack, one with FF, the other with FB. The first one past the past is the winnah. Double wow.

<h2>Love Games Watch Online Full Movie</h2>

Bolly mums are no longer the best. FF and FB are not really bad people. Both have had traumatic childhoods. One’s mommy didn’t rescue her from an abusive uncle; the other one’s mum ran away. Oh these bad, bad mothers, look what they make their poor kids do. Aha.

Bolly beds are busy. FF and FB run into a good girl (Tara Alisha Berry), who will be addressed as GG, who, in turn, is being harassed by a horrible husband (Hiten Tejwani), whom, we will call, yes, correct, HH. The creaks in the plot, and there are many, are filled with rumpled sheets, writhing bodies and furious lip and tongue. Ooh.

Bolly plots are bust. The Bhatts’ long-standing promise of giving us fully adult men and women bursting with carnal desires and twisted motives used to be backed by storylines. This one gives up quickly. All sorts of things crop up—blood, bodies, guns, murder, and dollops of confusion wrapped in eye-popping improbability. Missing the point you are? Bunging in a kiss we are.

Love Games Watch Online Full Movie

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