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Loveshhuda Watch Online Full Movie

Loveshhuda Watch Online Full Movie

Loveshhuda Watch Online Full Movie

Loveshhuda Watch Online Full Movie

<h2>Loveshhuda Watch Online Full Movie</h2>

Loveshhuda’ is a story of Gaurav (Girish Kumar) who just before few days of his marriage gets badly drunk at his bachelor party. In the drunken state of mind, he meets Pooja (Navneet Kaur Dhillon) and spends a crazy night with her. Next day he fails to remember anything. He meets Pooja again and finds out about their night out and realizes that he is making a big mistake of getting married to someone whom he doesn’t love. Time flies and Gaurav meets Pooja again but this time it’s her who is going to get married. Gaurav and Pooja realizes their inner feeling but this time there are many other issues which binds them.

Positive Points

The story line is interesting and initially intriguing.There are some enjoyable scenes in the first half of the film, especially the drunken scenes, followed by couple of funny moments in the foreign trip. The cinematography is good and does full justice to the theme of the film.Musically, this movie has some foot tapping numbers and works as one of the biggest positive point from the film. Girish Kumar shows sign of improvement as an actor in comparison to his previous films. Navneet Kaur Dhillon looks pretty and gives a confident debut. Naveen Kasturia lends good support.

Loveshhuda Watch Online Full Movie

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Duration: 133 min

IMDb: 4.6