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Madaari Watch Online Full Movie

Madaari Watch Online Full Movie

Madaari Watch Online Full Movie

Madaari Watch Online Full Movie

That ‘brashtachaar’ is ingrained in every pore of our ‘system’ is a theme so often explored in the movies that unless it is done with some amount of verve, the word tends to sink into the woodwork. Madaari presents Irrfan in a role that he aces with such ease that it’s hard to see he’s ‘acting’. But he’s placed at the centre of a film which is so patchy and contrived that even he cannot rescue it.

Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan) describes himself as a ‘ideal voter’: a man involved with getting in the ‘dal-roti’, who believes what the ‘shaasan’ and the ‘media’ tells him, who is so busy bringing up his motherless son that he is no time for anything else. He’s a worker-bee, and he is happy to be ‘ruled’, till one day when the rule of law is destroyed, and all he can see around him is injustice and anarchy.

Big words, these. And big concepts. Their utilization in the film’s plot is too literal, first in the way Nirmal tries to avenge a personal tragedy by targeting a top politician through his son, and then in all the oratory.

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In between the speechifying is the action which involves Nirmal being on the run with a little boy (Bansal), a cop (Shergill) hot on their heels, a teary mum, and a bunch of fat cat ‘netas’ and contractors who are all part of the corruption that has eaten into our nation.

Madaari Watch Online Full Movie

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