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Permanent Roommates Watch Online Season 1

Permanent Roommates Watch Online Season 1

Permanent Roommates Watch Online Season 1

Permanent Roommates Watch Online Season 1

The following summary is for Permanent Roommates season 2.

A couple, who were in a long distance relationship for 3 years, face the prospect of getting married and all the troubles that come along with it. Tanya a young reasonable adult is in a relationship with Mikesh who has a job in the US who is very lovable at heart but sort of an egg head. Both of them have regular squabbles. The story is then forwarded to reality when Mikesh and Tanya plan to get married and want to make the long distance relationship a husband and wife relationship. The story takes a turn when Mikesh and Tanya try re create their first date in a bar after which an unsuccessful attempt Tanya pukes on the road. Mikesh says that Alcohol does not agree with her system and she must not drink. She replied saying she did not touch a drop of alcohol. Both assume that she is pregnant. They go to a hospital the next day after which the tests conducted were rated positive and that Tanya was pregnant.

At the current place where Tanya and Mikesh stay , Mikesh’s parents and paternal grandfather arrive to see their to be daughter – in – law. At home when Mikesh and Tanya excuse themselves to talk about the baby , Mikesh’s grandfather over hears the conversation and tells Mikesh’s parents. They are shocked when the news reached their ears. Following another escapade where Tanya’s Father finds out from Mikesh he was going to be a grandfather. At this time Tanya went missing only to find her in her Aunt’s house. Later on it is revealed that Tanya’s father and her aunt wished to get married. This news reaches the ears of Mikesh’s family and are perturbed by this turn of events. Setting things aside they wish to start marriage preparations as soon as possible because Tanya was 18 weeks pregnant. An obnoxious wedding planner for Tanya and Mikesh lectures Tanya about how she wants the wedding to be her way. Tanya talks sense into her and escorts her away.

<h2>Permanent Roommates Watch Online Season 1</h2>

After a series of episodes Purshottam an Ola cab driver and friend of the couple leaves his younger twin brothers Nurvottam and Survottam in their care while Mikesh was filming videos for his unborn baby Howrah. As the twins come in Tanya’s room where her aunt and mother in law and herself are helping with wedding preparations they make a mess which Tanya felt they were rude. Mikesh saw what had happened and told her that children must not be scolded at. Tanya wanted to see Mikesh’s perfect parenting skills come to act and to discipline them without scolding them. The twins made a horrible mess in the kitchen and Mikesh instructed them to do something. As their attention shifted from their work Tanya became upset and told them to write their tables and suggest they call her “Mummy.” As she was about to hit them all the elders play a detective game and the oldies join in too. After a tiresome game the twins sleep where Tanya talks to Mikesh about children.

Purshottam returns with a gift that allows the couple to hear the heart beat of their child as the recording starts there was no heart beat as the instrument was placed on Tanya’s belly. Then the marriage prepartions come to a standstill where Tanya and Mikesh pretend to be happy despite the loss of their unborn child. Truth was they were shattered and there was nothing for Tanya to cling on to. That is when Mikesh get’s the idea that they should recreate their first date. At the end of the day they go into a furniture shop that was about to be closed. Mikesh bribes the owner who warns him the area was under CCTV surveillance. Tanya then confesses to Mikesh that she has nothing to cling on to and that when a couple loses a child there is no term given to them like children with no parents are called orphans and those without a sopuse are widows/widowers. When a person dies you have some memories of them but before anything could happen a part of her had been flushed away. Mikesh too confesses that when the results came , he was not ready to take responsibility of the child and had prayed on that matter.

His prayer had been answered but he had a feeling of guilt in him. He also knew that Tanya would often excuse herself in a conversation and cry in the washroom. The last scene ends where both of them kneel on the ground and pretend the wedding preparations go on. They pretend they get married in the Icelandic tradition where they have to looks at each other without blinking for 90 seconds. This scene I followed by credits and marks the end of the webseries.

Permanent Roommates Watch Online Season 1

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