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Planet Earth 2 Season1 Watch Online

Planet Earth 2 Season1 Watch Online

Planet Earth 2 Season1 Watch Online

Planet Earth 2 Season1 Watch Online

There used to be a simplicity to the framing of shots in nature programmes that was so understandable given the difficulty of the shoot that you didn’t even really think about it. ‘Of course it’s a standard, full-length shot of an Alpine ibex, it’s a goat perched on the side of a cliff for god’s sake.’

It comes as a surprise then, and a great joy, when a lemur leaps from one tree to another right past you in Planet Earth II, all the while the camera panning across the jungle. Sir David Attenborough promised “unparalleled” shots in the new series and it more than delivers, using remotely-operated cameras and drones to photograph animals in a way we’ve never seen before.

“Visually, where Planet Earth took an almost God-like perspective and said ‘Let’s look down on the Earth and see the scale of the planet’, what Planet Earth II is doing is saying ‘Let’s get ourselves into the lives of the animals, and see it from their perspective,’” is how producer Mike Gunton explained it, and that’s exactly what we get.

The series has now achieved a real cinematic look, as though Terrence Malick or somebody was behind the camera and in the editing suite. Instead of showing you: ‘Here is a sloth.’ ‘Here is a Komodo dragon.’ we instead see the sloth’s claw reach into shot as it desperately climbs towards a mate, and the dragon’s tail swish from side to side through the mud as it stalks its prey. When the latter engages in a fight with a rival, it’s like watching a climactic duel in Game of Thrones.

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Planet Earth 2 Season1 Watch Online


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