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Tara The Journey Of Love & Passion (2014) Watch Online

Tara The Journey Of Love & Passion (2014) Watch Online

Director Kumar Raaj is a One man Show here , for bring a clean subject on social issue such as WOMEN Empowerment. Producer of ZAKHMI AURAT starring Dimple Kapadia (1988)- Ashok Punjabi , too gave Regards to the Director for Once again bringing up a Subject on WOMEN. TARA : The Journey of Love and Passion is based on WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Its a story of a BANJARAS . who are specialized in making Wines & sell to villages for their living. Police arrests Tara’s husband and his friend for making illegal wines. Now , TARA gives moral support to whole group & gives inspiration that we will make WINES. After 3 months, TARA becomes pregnant. & How his husband just by listening to other people – Blames that Child is not His. TARA is an inspiration , that Women can lead life on her own and win the world.

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Duration: 110 min

IMDb: 6.5