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The Autopsy of Jane Doe Watch Online Full Movie

The Autopsy of Jane Doe Watch Online Full Movie

The Autopsy of Jane Doe Watch Online Full Movie

The Autopsy of Jane Doe Watch Online Full Movie

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by André Øvredal. It stars Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox as father-and-son coroners who experience supernatural phenomena while examining the body of an unidentified woman (played by Olwen Kelly). It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2016, and was released on December 21. It is Øvredal’s first English-language film.

While examining a bloody crime scene, an unidentified corpse of a woman is found under a house. A police officer says that it seems the dead family tried to get out of the house and that no one tried to break in as there are no signs of forced entry.

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Father-and-son coroners Tommy and Austin Tilden finish the autopsy on a burned corpse. Austin’s girlfriend Emma arrives and gets curious about the bodies in the morgue. She notices a bell tied to the ankle of a body. Tommy tells her that they were used to make sure people were actually dead. The sheriff arrives with the body and tells them that he needs the cause of death by morning. Austin decides to stay instead of going to the cinema with Emma. It’s revealed that Austin plans to leave as he dislikes the job and that he does it for his dad. He tells Emma to come back later.

Austin and Tommy start the autopsy with an external examination. They discover that her eyes are cloudy, something that usually only happens to bodies that have been dead for a few days and that her wrists and ankles are shattered without any outward signs. They see that her tongue has been removed non-surgically. Tommy examines her vagina and concludes that it was mutilated.

They begin with the internal examination as the radio begins to randomly switch channels. When Tommy cuts her open, she starts to bleed, something that only rarely happens to very fresh corpses. They find dirt under her skin and Austin discovers that the blood he stored in the freezer started leaking. Tommy also finds that her waist does not fit her frame and that her lungs are severely blackened to the point where he’s surprised to not see any burn marks on her body. They see that her internal organs all seem to have been cut and they wonder why her internal wounds do not line up with her body. Tommy is hurt by the corpse while he tries to separate the skin.

Austin examines a sound he heard outside the examination room and sees a figure standing in a mirror, but finds nothing once he turns around. He discovers that the sound is coming from an airshaft; they find their cat, Stanley, badly hurt in the vent. Tommy kills and burns Stanley in the cremation furnace. Back in the examination room, they find Jimson Weed in her stomach, a paralyzing agent that’s only found in the north of the country. Austin hears about a strong storm coming over the radio and wants to leave. Tommy says he will finish what he started.

Tommy finds a piece of cloth and a tooth in her stomach, Austin notes that it should not have been intact and that it’s the bodies missing tooth. They find roman numerals, letters and a drawing on the cloth. When Tommy finally separates the skin on her chest from the body, they find similar symbols on the inside of her skin. All the lights explode in the room and they find that the remaining corpses are not in the cold chambers. They decide to leave, but the elevator does not work and something is blocking the door. Tommy tries to call the sheriff on the landline, but the connection is dead. They hear a bell and the door to the office violently starts to bang only for it to suddenly stop.

Austin says that everything is to blame on the body and Tommy gets attacked in the bathroom by an unseen figure. He has bruises on his body and says that he saw grey eyes. They decide they want to burn her body, but the door locks on its own. Austin slams a hole in it with an axe and sees one of the corpses that were in the morgue. They decide to burn her in the examination room, but the fire spreads out wildly and burns a camera. They manage to get it out using an extinguisher, but the body does not burn. The elevator turns back on and they rush to get in, only to be followed by another corpse. They get in the elevator, but it does not close completely. Tommy attacks the corpse with the axe, but it turns out to be Emma.

Austin says that the corpse has been stopping them finding out the truth and they decide to go back into the examination room, but the cremation furnace produced smoke through which they’re unable to see. Tommy gets violently attacked in the smoke. They make it into the examination room and Austin opens her skull. They take a sample from the brain tissue and discover living organism. Tommy says that although they took out her heart that something is keeping her alive. Austin folds the piece of cloth and discovers that it’s a passage from the Bible and that the numbers mean 1693. Tommy looks in the Bible to reveal a passage about witches. Austin concludes that she must be a witch that died during the Salem trials, since the evidence adds up, but Tommy says that those women were not witches and that her death does not add up to the ways used during the trials. He says that the very things that were done to her made her a witch and that she wants revenge. He sacrifices himself so he can save Austin and the witches body begins to heal as Tommy suffers the same things she has. Austin kills him out of mercy. The lights come back on and he hears the Sheriff outside the house and he runs up the stairs. His voice turns out to be a hallucination and Austin turns around to see his dead dad. He falls down the stairs, killing him.

The next morning, the police arrive and discover the scene. The radio announces the fourth sunny day in a row. A police officer notices no signs of forced entry. The body is sent to another county in a car, where her big toe moves.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe Watch Online Full Movie

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Duration: 99 min

IMDb: 7.4