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Watch Bobby Jasoos 2014 Free Watch Online

Watch Bobby Jasoos 2014 Free Watch Online

Bobby (Vidya Balan), the eldest daughter in a family living in the old city of Hyderabad has a thing for jasoosi (spying). She aspires to be a detective in spite of her father’s continued disapproval. In one of her spying ventures, she finds her friend Afreen with a local don, Lala, she keeps it from Ahreen’s mother, who employed her. She finally gets a break when a rich client pays her handsomely to find two young girls in the old city, by their name, age and birthmarks without asking any questions. As she finds them he asks her to find a guy as a final job. But, when Bobby tries to see what happened to those two girls, she finds them both missing. Meanwhile, Tasawur (Ali), a handsome TV anchor, having a common friend with Bobby, in a desperate bid to avoid other marriage proposals, proposes to her family to marry her. as he thinks that she rejects him anyway. What did the rich man did with those young girls? How will Bobby deal with Tasawur?

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Duration: 121 min

IMDb: 5.5