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Watch Udaan Episode Online Free

Watch Udaan Episode Online Free

Watch Udaan Episode Online Free

Watch Udaan Episode Online Free

Set in 1996 in the village of Azadganj, Udaan is the story of the bonded labourers of a wealthy landlord, Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi (Sai Ballal). The story features the female protagonist Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi), who is kept as collateral (girvhi). While Chakor’s mother Kasturi Bhuvan (Sai Deodhar) is pregnant with her, her father, Hariya, dies in an accident. Bhuvan has neither money nor a cow to donate to Pandit for Hariya’s funeral, so Bhuvan and Kasturi go to Rajvanshi’s haveli and beg for money from him. Instead, his wife Tejaswini suggests that they keep the unborn child as a collateral. The couple agrees that the child can be Rajvanshi’s bonded labourer. Kasturi gives birth to a daughter, Chakor, on the night of a full moon. Tejaswini allows them to take her home for seven years; then she must be brought back to Rajvanshi to serve.

After seven years (2003), Chakor enters the haveli. She is a fearless, kind-hearted, and an intelligent girl. In the haveli, she meets and makes friends with Vivaan Rajvanshi, Manohar Rajvanshi’s son. With Vivaan’s help, Chakor escapes the haveli but is dragged back into slavery by her mother. While being supported by Ishwar Rawat, (Sandeep Baswana) she dreams of freedom. Ishwar is Aditya Rawat’s father, a free spirited collector from Lucknow. He adores Chakor like a daughter and wants her to study. Chakor goes to school where Arjun Khanna (Vineet Raina), a physical education trainer, enters her Chakor’s life.

Watch Udaan Episode Online Free

Ishwar is determined, against all odds, that Chakor be educated. He takes her to Lucknow to seek his family’s support. His father, Purshottam, is fearful of Bhaiyaji and tries to return Chakor to Rajvanshi. Ishwar is arrested on a false charge by Bhaiyaji, who argues that Ishwar kept Chakor in his home illegally in order to sell her. To protect Ishwar, Chakor faces a difficult decision between saving the man who helped her, and her own education. She vows that she will abandon the idea of getting an education. Arjun Khanna enters Azadganj to help Chakor and Ishwar. Vivaan Rajwanshi also enters Azadganj. Chakor meets Bhagya, (Sheetal Pandya) Kamal Narayan’s daughter. Arjun and Bhagya fall in love. Ishwar sends Kamal Narayan to jail. Arjun and Bhagya are happily married. Ishwar dies in a bomb blast set by Kamal Narayan. After Ishwar’s death, Kamal Narayan is released.

Narayan does not accept Arjun as his son-in-law and wants to kill Arjun. Kamal and Manohar see a girl, Chunni, in Delhi, who looks like Chakor. They gave her ₹50 lakhs to act as Chakor. Arjun takes Bhagya to Lucknow. Kamal and Manohar come to Azadganj with Chunni. Kasturi and others are happy to see Chakor. Kamal Narayan learns that Arjun took Bhagya to Lucknow and becomes very angry. Finally, it is revealed that Chunni is Chakor’s twin-sister. Bhaiyaji kills Chunni. Chakor goes to the rainbow circus, unaware of Chunni’s death. She bravely exposes the murderer in the circus and then travels to perform in Bhaiyaji and Ranjana’s wedding after Ranjana kills Manohar. Ranjana marries Bhaiyaji. Bhayiaji tries to kill Chakor but Arjun re-enters Azadganj and saves her. Bhayiaji gets angry and captures her dadi to maintain his grip over the fearful villagers. Arjun asks Chakor to give her 10 years to him and she agrees.

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After ten years

The show leaps ahead ten years. The story now follows three protagonists:- Chakor(Meera Deosthale), Aditya Rawat(Varun Sharma) and Vivaan Rajawanshi (Paras Arora). Chakor is trained under Arjun Khanna. Arjun(Vineet Raina) and Bhagya (Sheetal Pandya) who take care of her like their own daughter. She grows up with a dream: to free Azadganj from the clutches of Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi. She enters Azadgarh after gaining fame by winning various races. Upon returning to Azaadganj she learns that her dadi was killed by Kamal Narayan, and that her sister Imli has been brainwashed against her. She has now become loyal to Kamal Narayan and his son Suraj. She meets Vivaan who she feels is not normal and is always in a semi-conscious state. She soon finds out that he is in fact being drugged by Tejaswini. Vivaan eventually quits drugs for Chakor’s sake. Together, Vivaan and Chakor successfully conspire against Kamal Narayan to end his reign of terror. He and his son are jailed for their crimes. The whole village of Azaadganj celebrates and Vivaan proposes to Chakor who accepts. Suraj, with the help of Imli, manages to get out of jail and vows revenge against Chakor and Vivaan. Suraj fixes his marriage with Tina who is daughter of a rich businessmen in Delhi. Imli informs Suraj that she is pregnant with his kid. But Suraj refuses to accept her and ask her to go for an abortion. A shocked and broken Imli tries to commit suicide. But Chakor saves her on time and promises to make her marry Suraj . Chakor’s marriage get fixed with Vivaan. On the same day Suraj’s marriage with Tina too gets fixed. Chakor learns that Tina is forced into this marriage and with the help of Tina, Vivaan and Imli she plans to swap Tina with Imli and make her get married to Suraj. Chakor manages to help Tina to runaway on the wedding and makes Imli ready as a bride for Suraj. Suraj learns about the bridal swap and with the help of Tejaswini he swaps Imli and Chakor. Eventually without anyone’s knowledge Suraj Marries Chakor. Everyone is unaware of this as both Chakor and imli had covered there faces with dupattas and Suraj and Vivian too have covered there faces with Sehra. After marriage everyone is shocked as Chakor had married Suraj and Vivaan had married Imli. Suraj manages to put the blame for bridal swap on Chakor’s head and everyone believes it including Vivaan and Imli shattering Chakor.

Watch Udaan Episode Online Free

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