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What The Jatt 2015 Punjabi Full Movie

What The Jatt 2015 Punjabi Full Movie

Harish Verma who plays the role of Raj dominates the movie. Raj’s friend Fateh played by Vipul Roy also shares good screen time. However rest of the cast including leading actress Isha Rikhi, Binnu Dhillon and BN Sharma have somewhat small role to play in the movie. The actress is brought in just before the half time. Binnu Dhillon and BN Sharma are also not used to their calibre by the director.

The music of the movie is average. It’s just random songs packed into the storyline.

Saket Behl’s debut in Punjabi Film Industry has been a disappointing one. He chose a poor storyline to make a film. The screenplay is not only monotonous but dragged at several points. One feels bored while watching the film.

What the Jatt is the first commercial Punjabi film of the year but sadly has no ingredient of success. Punjabi Mania rates this monotonous movie 1.5 out of total

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Duration: N/A

IMDb: 7.5